NYX Health’s surgical assistants are trained in surgery and undergo rigorous credentialing to practice in their role. We acknowledge that the role and function of our surgical assistants is to assist the surgeon, in the performance of a surgical procedure.

Our surgical assistant will serve as a member of the surgical team, perform tasks under the direction of surgeons and aid them in conducting surgery. The scope of practice may include:

  • making initial incisions (“opening”),
  • exposing the surgical site (“retracting”),
  • stemming blood flow (“hemostasis”),
  • surgically removing veins and arteries to be used as bypass grafts (“harvesting”),
  • reconnecting tissue (“suturing”),
  • and completing the operation and reconnecting external tissue (“closing”).

NYX Health’s professionals can do all the work that surgical technologists do, but they will serve in a more hands-on role during the procedure. Let NYX Health bring our experienced practitioners to assist your surgeons along with helping patient flow through the operating room.